is a mobile video sharing app that is easy and fun. It knows where you are and shows you local and interesting videos first.

Shoot. Upload. Cut, Splice & Voiceover. Publish.

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Capture video and Upload

allows you to capture videos on your mobile device and upload it to share it with the world. Your videos are geo-tagged - fancy way of saying they are tagged with the location information.

Cut, Splice and Voiceover

Edit your videos by cutting and splicing so only the most interesting parts are left. And then voiceover to record your narration or a song. Watch some Bollywood videos for inspiration.

Entertain yourself

Watch the most intersting, most recent and nearest videos. automatically shows you interesting videos - Hyper-local news, lost cats and garage sale videos - that are closest to your location.


I started working on to accomplish a few things. I was finding myself more and more into mobile development that require a highly scalable backend. The requirements cause us to rethink existing technologies to focus on newer architectures.

I plan to blog the details and progress from time to time. This project is a quest for three goals -

Experiment with online-only marketing

Learn Nodejs + Restify + SimpleDB with Objective C

  • Nodejs (with Restify) for backend running on Amazon EC2/S3 architecture.
  • Amazon SimpleDB as the unstructured database.
  • Objective C for the iPhone/iPad client.

Work only Part-time (8 to 10 hours a week.)


Ram Iyer, Founder View Ram Iyer's LinkedIn profile


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